Project submission

Provide the following information for each project proposal.

Award Instructions

The period for the submission of proposals for 2019 is open and the deadline for submissions is July 1st 2019.

The proposal must be typed in no less than 12 point type, double spaced, and a maximum of eight pages including cover page, not including the budget, budget justification, or optional letters of recommendation (only the first eight pages will be read). The curriculum vitae is not part of the project proposal. Restrict the use of scientific acronyms in your proposal.




Project description 

  • Current status of problem. Describe the significance of the problem, and summarize the current knowledge and status of the problem.
  • Related research or experience of the investigators. Describe contributions or experience related to the proposal’s topic.
  • Project objectives. List multiple objectives separately. State the research question to be answered in each objective.
  • Procedures to achieve the objectives. Include details of Experimental Design and Methods. Describe how the assays, procedures, and statistical tests will be done. For example, by following published procedures that are cited, or unpublished procedures that are detailed in the proposal, or by submitting samples to an established service laboratory. Briefly explain key limitations or what might go wrong, and any alternative plan to overcome the problem.


Originality and innovation

  • Briefly explain what is novel about the proposal.



  • Schedule/timeline for proposed research.


Value and benefits

  • Value and practical benefits of the proposed research to the swine industry.


Budget for Project

  • Explain the budget for proposal in regards of: Personnel, Expendables, Indirect costs, Travel, Equipment and Other
  • If the proposal cost exceeds 25,000 Euros, describe the funding available to support the total cost.


Letter of recommendation (optional)

  • Up to 2 (two) letters of recommendation regarding the objective and importance will be accepted.