Step 1

Identify desired goals

The first step in the process is for the producer and veterinarian to identify clear and attainable goals. The goals of a programme may vary significantly, but will ultimately be focused on one of the following key objectives:

PRRS control or PRRS elimination

Clear identification of programme goals is fundamentally important:

  • For the design of effective solutions which will ensure programme success.
  • To clarify programme expectations within all levels of a farm or production system.
  • To minimise confusion about what a programme is and isn’t supposed to achieve.

Goals and expectations of success can vary by farm, by the type of production system, and by the PRRS status of the herd.

"I want to control the PRRS virus"

"I want to minimise the risk of transmision from sows piglets"

"I want to eliminate the virus"

"I want to minimise the risk of spread to neighboring site"

Reference: Angulo JR (2013). Systematic PRRS Problem Solving, a 5-Step Process. Presentation given at BISA Gold 2013, Ames, Iowa, USA.