Case control and management of virulent PRRS in a commercial farm in the Philippines

Despite dramatic improvements, the farm is still a case-control in progress, vaccinating with lngelvac PRRS MLV just barely 6 months as of data avallability.


Article by:
A. A. C. Manabat. IPVS.2010

For years, active PRRS infections inlocal swine farms have resulted in large economic losses for farmers because of poor breeding performances, high morbidities and medication costs and mortalities. In 2008.there were reports that PRRS strains similar to China were found in selected Philippine farms, which could have further increased the maginutde of this disease problern.

There are many approaches in stabilising herds with PRRS, how ever for farms located in areas with high density pig population, a good vaccination program seems to be the mainand possible the only option to take.We report here a case of a farm slowly getting back to profitability after months and possibly years of frustrating management of their PRRS problem.