Comparison efficacy of Type I and Type II PRRS vaccine in Thai commercial farm

The results of this study demonstrated poor efficacy performance using Type I vaccine in the farm positive for PRRSV type II compared to a VR2332 based vaccine.


Article by:
N.  Duangwhae, P.  Phoomiwattananon, C. Maala. APVS. 2017.

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is the most economic impact of swine disease for pork producers. PRRS vaccines have been considered to be the most useful tool to control this fatal disease. Considering type of vaccine strain aligned with farm’s epidemiology is the universal recommendation over the world.

The objective of this study was to observe the nursery performance comparing the 2 different type PRRS vaccines, type I and type II in the same farms.