Efficacy of Ingelvac®PRRS MLV on HP PRRS control in a farm of Northeast China

In this control case, after confirming PRRS infection, the use of Ingelvac®PRRS MLV proved to be effective in reducing both morbidity and post-weaning mortality as well as days to market.


Article by:
A. Yao, A. Wang, T. Liu, L. Zhu. APVS. 2011

The outbreak of high pathogenetic PRRS (HP PRRS) had a great impact on economic losses for swine producers all over the country in 2006. The Chinese swine industry can not freed itself from the threat until today as PRRSV is more and more widely spread in the form of severe complications.

This report is one case of Ingelvac® PRRS MLV vaccination to control HP PRRS in a commercial pig farm.