Impact of stopping PRRS MLV vaccination in piglets in a malaysian farm

All in all, a long term whole herd PRRS MLV vaccination approach is vital to reduce the losses in the farm due to PRRS infection.


Article by:

E. Cheah, Z.H. Cheah, K.Y. Kam, C.K. Yong, E. Lim. APVS. 2017

This farm is a single site farrow to finish farm with 1200 sows in a high density pig farming area in Malaysia. The farm is positive for PRRS, M.Hyo, PCV2, CSF, APP, AR and PRV. A VR-2332 based PRRS modified live virus (MLV) vaccine was used as a part of the PRRS control strategy. Quarterly mass vaccination was practiced in the breeding herd since June 2014 and piglet vaccination with PRRS MLV at 2 weeks old was initiated. The starter, grower and finisher losses were recorded and retrospective study was done 7 months before and after PRRS vaccination in the piglets was stopped (from June 2015 until July 2016). To evaluate the impact of stopping PRRS vaccination in the porker herd, mortality rate was compared between the two groups using statistical process control (SPC) chart, generated by Minitab ver 17.