Measuring PRRSV reproductive outbreak severity in 3 naïve herds through statistical process control chart - Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) using modified live

CUSUM charts are useful tools to detect cumulative deviations from the target; this SPC monitoring showed a potential benefit minimizing the severity and duration of PRRSv outbreaks in farms B and C using MLV vaccine as a contingency vaccine.


Article by:
E. Diaz, JR. Angulo, JC. Chevez. IPVS. 2012

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSv) is a devastating disease causing mayor economical losses. The impact in an acute outbreak herd is $250 US Dollar per sow.

The objective of this study was to measure the severity and duration of PRRSv outbreaks in 3 naïve sow farms using PRRS modified live vaccine as part of the contingency strategies during the outbreaks.