Observations of sustained PRRS control by modified-live vaccination of sows and pigs

The modified-live PRRSv vaccination program resulted in sustained, acceptable PRRS control in the breeding herd and post-weaning pig production.


Article by:
E. Diaz, JC. Chevez, L. Perez. AASV. 2011

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is the most damaging disease in the swine industry with negative effects typically observed in breeding herd reproductive performance as well as pig productivity parameters. Adequately controlling the infection involves stabilization of sow herd immunity as well as actively protecting pigs, particularly in pig-dense regions where exposure of pigs to wild-type virus post-weaning is likely. Modified-live PRRS virus (PRRSv) vaccines have con- sistently proven to be a reliable and efficient tool for the stabilization of breeding herds as well as providing ro- bust heterologous protection of growing pigs.

This paper reports in-process observations from a multi-site farm in which modified-live PRRS vaccination of sows and pigs was implemented for a 4 year period with the goal of achieving sustained PRRS control.