PRRS-stabilisation of a 6000 sow herd by mass vaccination

With progressing stabilisation of the herd lossesin the nursery further decreased. The following parameters were significantly improved also: Repeat service rate, Number of live born piglets, Preweanig mortality, Number of weaned piglets/litter.


Article by:
E. Nickoll. IPVS. 2002.

PRRS is one of the most costly diseases in German swine production. To prevent losses due to PRRSV mass vaccination of the whole herd with a US-strain based modified life vaccine (Ingelvac PRRS MLV, Boehringer Ingelheim) has become a standard intervention in Germany.

This paper describes the stabilisation of a 6000 sow herd by mass vaccination and the value of statistical analysis of serological and production parameters to help making decisions and monitor the success of intervention strategies.