The impact of discontinuing PRRS MLV vaccination in piglets in the single site farm in Thailand

Based on the mortality change, stopping PRRS MLV vaccination resulted in big economic loss in this farm. The benefit-to-cost ratio between non-vaccinated and vaccinated is 7.03:1 based on the mortality alone.


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N. Duangwhae, R. Supphamit, S. Jamawat. IPVS. 2016

Modified live virus (MLV) vaccines are widely used in PRRS control strategies, and have been shown to reduce clinical signs and production losses. The VR2332-based vaccine is the most widely considered method to control the fatal disease in Thai swine farms. As a results of herd stabilization by the VR2332 based virus vaccine, the productivity has improved after implementing the control strategies.

During stable pig performance, some farms have planned to expand their pig business. In order to reduce production cost, farmers had tried to stop vaccination against PRRSv in piglets. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of terminating PRRS MLV vaccination in the nursery unit in a high pig density area in Thailand.