Vaccination with Ingelvac PRRS® MLV for PRDC control in Korean swine farm

PRRS MLV vaccination is an important part of the solution when PRRS is involved in a PRDC problem. A strategy of PRRSV MLV vaccination at 3-4 weeks before PRRSV infection is a promising method for providing sufficient immunity to pigs against PRRSV.


Article by:
CW Bae, HJ Chae. IPVS. 2012

PRDC is regarded as one of the most serious problems in worldwide swine production recently. Moreover, serious economic losses caused by PRDC are considerable in Korea. PRDC results from a combination of multiple infectious agents, environmental stressors and challenges. These clinical problems lead to a reduction of performance, an increase medication costs and mortality. According to previous studies, various pathogens involved in PRDC such as PRRSV, PCV2, SIV, MH, HPS, APP, and PM etc. PRRSV among them could cause disease on its own, and cause immunosuppression of infected pigs, resulting in increased susceptibility to secondary bacterial infection.

The main purpose of this study was to reduce mortality and to increase performance using Ingelvac PRRS MLV in Korean swine farm that was affected by PRDC.