Eradication of PRRS in a breeding herd

According to serological and virological diagnostic results the eradication appears to be successful. The negative PCR result in all samples tested is the most important confirmation of success.


Article by:

C.Schröder, S. Bremerich. IPVS. 2004

Following infection with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus in a nucleus herd with 190 Sows, eradication of the virus was attempted. This was facilitated by the detailed recording system used for the herd.

PRRS seronegative replacement stock was used and, after weaning at three weeks of age, piglets were transported to a separate unit. The attempt of the PRRS eradication was based on the importance of this herd as a breeding stock. The sows, which were specified-pathogen-free (SPF) represented an important genetic potential.