Case report: Growing performance improvement after using PRRS MLV at 3 weeks old piglets in a Korean swine farm

After the implementation of Ingelvac® PRRS MLV piglet vaccination, PRRS stabilization was achieved and an overall improvement in productivity was observed.


Article by:

SW Lee, DH Moon, SY Kang. IPVS. 2016.

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) causes respiratory disease in nursery and grow-finisher pigs and reproductive failure in sows and boars. PRRSV-infected pigs usually suffer from poor growth performance and are highly susceptible to co- or secondary bacterial and other viral infections.

PRRSV was first isolated in Korea in 1994 and all PRRSV isolates corresponded to the Type II until 2000, Type I PRRSV has recently emerged in Korea.

In this study we evaluate the efficacy of Ingelvac® PRRS MLV (Type II PRRSV based vaccine) piglet vaccination in a Korean swine farm infected with Type I PRRSV.