collecting oral fluids

Quick guide to fluid sample collection in pigs

Swine oral fluid sample collection
  • Hang cotton rope in an accessible location shoulder high to the pigs.  Coated or nylon ropes should not be used since they are non-absorbent.  Do not hang ropes in extremely unclean areas of a pen or in close proximity to water or feed to minimize contamination.
  • After ropes have been saturated, usually 20-30 minutes, extract oral fluids by squeezing rope into a 1 gal plastic bag.
  • Cut a corner of the bag, or use a corner of the open top, and drain the contents into a 50 mL Falcon tube or equivalent.  At least a 4 ml sample is needed for testing.  Alternative method is to use a disposable pipette to extract the fluid and then dispense into a 6 mL Falcon Double Snap, snap cap tube.
  • Label tubes as appropriate with permanent ink and place in a Ziploc plastic bag or brown tube box.

Oral fluid sample handling and submission
  • Freeze samples promptly to optimize quality.
  • Complete a submission form with all pertinent sample and testing information.
  • Prepare and handle oral fluid samples for shipment in the same fashion as serum, i.e., ship samples with ice packs and absorbent material in an insulated shipping container.