8th Asian PRRSpective​: 20 years of working together

20 years of working together

Prof. Michael Murtaugh (USA). PRRS Immunity, Vaccinology update

Prof. Hanchun Yang (China) PRRSv & PEDv in China, Diagnostic and Control

Prof. Jeff Zimmerman (USA). PRRS Diagnostic, from science to practical application

Dr. Apisit Kittawornrat (Thailand). PRRS Control Strategies in Thailand. Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Jim Lowe (USA). Health monitoring programs, applying the tools for better decision making process

Dr. Tom Gillespie (USA). PRRS-PED field interaction, Experiences from North America and South East Asia

Dr. Shishan Yuan (China). 20 years working together, PRRS vaccines: Past, Present and Future