The 11th Asian PRRSpective meeting was held in Fukuoka

The 11th edition of the Asian PRRSpective meeting took place last November 14th


More than 300 professionals of the pig industry attended the 11th Asian PRRSpective meeting that Boehringer Ingelheim organized in Fukuoka, Japan.

Veterinarians and pig producers from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, and Indonesia gathered together to listen and discuss about the learnings of the last several years to fight PRRS. 

This year's general topic was: Improving PRRS resilience in pig farms.  The official program started with Dr. Alain Wille, Head of the SBU swine at Boehringer Ingelheim.  In his presentation Dr. Wille presented the challenges of the sine industry, we have to do more with the same or less resources, and to do that we need resilient businesses.  The best way to have a resilient production is to prevent diseases, specially PRRS which is the most costly disease still affecting many of our farms. 

The rest of the program looked in more detail at different aspects of PRRS resilience, starting at a viral level going through an individual level and finally farm or system level.  Several aspects were considered and special focus was fiven to the Biosecurity and the tools to help monitor it.

What is PRRS resilience and how can it be enhanced: A virologist view.          Prof. Hanchun Yang

What is PRRS resilience and how can it be enhanced: An inmunologist view.  Prof. Michael Murtaugh

Resilience to Reproductive PRRS.                                                                     Prof. John Harding

Biosecurity and the foundation for PRRS resilience.                                          Dr. Satoshi Otake

COMBAT: A new tool for fast evaluation and benchmarking of biosecurity.       Dr. Poul Henning Rathkjen

Success of resilient PRRS control experiences in past decade.                        Dr. Chanyut Tretipskul

Impact on PRRS resilience of management and pig flow within a farm.            Dr. Tom Gillespie

p-TRACK: Using real-time technology to spot critical areas in farms.                Dr. Victor Rodriguez

This was the 11th edition of the Asian PRRSpective that started with a small group of people in 2007 trying to increase the knowledge on PRRS in order to control some of the emerging (during 2006) hpPRRS outbreaks and After 11 years the Asian PRRSpective has consolidated as a key meeting in the calendar with over 300 participants focussed in finding better solutions to control PRRS in the region.

In order to have more sharing of experiences, after the presentations, several workshops took place in smaller groups that allowed bigger networking and discussion.

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