The 10th Asian PRRSpective meeting was held in Sanya

The 10th edition of the Asian PRRSpective meeting took place last November 22nd


More than 280 professionals of the pig industry attended the 10th Asian PRRSpective meeting that Boehringer Ingelheim organized in Sanya, China.
Veterinarians and pig producers from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan gathered together to listen and discuss about the learnings of the last several years to fight PRRS.  This was the 10th edition of the Asian PRRSpective that started with a small group of people in 2007 trying to increase the knowledge on PRRS in order to control some of the emerging (during 2006) hpPRRS outbreaks.

After 10 editions, the Asian PRRSpective has consolidated as a key meeting in the calendar with almost 300 participants focussed in finding better solutions to control PRRS in the region.
Boehringer Ingelheim has been working for more than 20 years in controlling PRRS around the world and during the conference there was a significant amount of shared experiences of succesful PRRS control strategies.

The different presentations were:

Why does PRRSV keep on tricking us? (Hanchun Yang)

Control of PRRS: A Fool's errand? (Mike Murtaugh)

Are we over-interpreting diagnostics? (Keith Erlandson)

Going beyond PRRS control (Tom Gillespie)

1 x 109 PRRS MLV = No:1 in Global PRRS Control (PH Rathkjen)

The future is here: ARC and BioPortal (Enrique Mondaca)

PRRS cost from start to finish (Dennis diPietre)

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