The 9th Asian PRRSpective meeting was held in Ho Chi Minh

The 9th edition of the Asian PRRSpective meeting took place last November 17th in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


More than 250 professionals of the pig industry attended the 9th Asian PRRSpective meeting that Boehringer Ingelheim organized in Ho Chi Minh
.  Veterinarians and pig producers from Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and Korea gathered together to listen and discuss about the past, and present experiences to fight PRRS.

Boehringer Ingelheim has been working for more than 20 years in controlling PRRS and during the conference there was a significant amount of shared experiences of succesful PRRS control strategies.
In this edition we had a good representation of experts facing different aspects of PRRS control

The different presentations were:

Unprotected piglets-Unprotected herds-Unprotected industry - Dr. Tom Gillespie
Understanding the hidden economics of PRRS - Dr. Dennis diPietre
Global perspective of PRRS- Prof. Mike Murtaugh
What to do if I have 2 PRRS ypes circulating in the farm? - Poul Rathkjen
 A summary of 4 large-scale systems controling PRRS - John Kolb
Current situation of PRRS control in China - Hanchun Yang

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